A transparent supply chain network allows for smooth and compliant handling of regulated goods on a global scale.

Following the guidelines of regulations of the quality assurance standard (GxP – Good Practices), the clear chain of custody is key to stay compliant with all quality standards across the board.

Reliable and real time data backs up positive aspects and provides information about critical processes in the supply chain network.

Shared efforts with customers create trust and build brand awareness through direct engagement tools.

The cannabis industry is an industry with deadlocked prejudices. Accordingly, the regulatory environment expects maximum  European compliance and transparency at all levels along the value chain.

The CANNAVIGIA platform makes it possible to keep the entire industry environment of customers, trading partners, regulators and the media informed about the corresponding processes with little effort and maximum efficiency.

Strategic data can be quickly analyzed and planned through the implementation of standardized processes and the digitalization of operations, from cultivation to the end user.

Strategic planning results in a genuine increase in efficiency.