Schoscho Rufener

Schoscho Rufener

Business Advisor


Born 1964, he studied economics at St. Gallen University and scenography at the Saint Martins School of Arts, London.

Being the born entrepreneur and a devoted observer of trends in society and economics, he soon started building various ventures mainly in entertainment, events, and lifestyle. A dominant role in his work became Rufener Events, the event agency he founded in 1999 and later sold to MCH group in 2009. Rufener Events is a leading event organizing agency throughout the world with offices in several countries.

Schoscho has worked in more than 70 countries all over the world. His portfolio of equity holdings includes top bars and restaurants in the area of Zurich, as well as successful entertainment formats and high profile communication agencies. He also engaged as a board member of WORLD.MINDS. In 2000, he founded Mountain Wisdom. Mountain Wisdom is a ‘by invitation only’ community of CEOs, Entrepreneurs and top Executives who meet on a regular basis to share questions, experiences, and answers on career and life.

Schoscho’s client base spread all over Europe, USA and Asia. He is married and lives in Zurich with his four children.