We aim for smooth transactions along the lines of the pharmaceutical best practices GxP (Good Practice) by taking the highly compliant pharma standards and making them readily available to the whole industry through technological services.


We will build and operate a regulatory compliant supply chain management platform for the provenance of cannabis products to allow for an enduring worldwide distribution & service network.


We believe that everyone deserves to know where the products they are consuming are coming from and how they have been handled and altered along the entire supply chain. Transparency along the value chain is key in an industry that is transforming into a global recognized sector.
After decades of private and untransparent management of the provenance of goods, technology allows for a new age of sustainability.
Therefore, it is our purpose to develop an innovative platform that allows for a fully compliant and transparent handling of all steps along the cannabis supply chain and through that make the legal cannabis products widely accessible.



Johann Zueblin

Compliance Advisor

Schoscho Rufener

Schoscho Rufener

Business Advisor


Marius Schulze

Start-up Advisor


Daniel Haymann

Legal Advisor


Markus Hoffmann

Industry Advisor


Dan Matter

Financial Advisor