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Specifically designed for those who must comply with GACP & GlobalGAP standards this module streamlines cannabis cultivation operations.

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Get the insights you need and the quality assurance you can trust.
Full control of your manufacturing. Of course, including formulas & testing.

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Build trust & customer loyalty through integrated traceability. Share detailed product specifications on customised landing pages with only a few clicks.

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Plants tracked & counting
Hours saved per batch
Supply-chain traceability
Trusted clients

All your cannabis operations in one Cannavigia

Run the cost-effective business you need



From seed to flower

  • Ready for GACP
  • Seamless Documentation
  • Batch Planning
  • Strain & Product Library
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Quality + Task Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Status
  • Phenohunting
  • Mobile App
  • Open API
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From raw material to final product

  • Ready for EU-GMP
  • Seamless Documentation
  • Formulations & Testing
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Quality + Task Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Post-Harvest Processing
  • Mobile App
  • Open API
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Gain trust through full transparency

  • Know Your Product
  • Detailed Product Specifications
  • Patients/ consumers tbd
  • Dashboards
  • Track Engagement
  • Unlimited Product QR Codes
  • Unlimited Product Pages
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"We are working with Cannavigia since early 2020. The software makes our daily work and documentation easier. Every log is clearly arranged and the new app makes everything even more convenient."

Stefan Strasser

CTO, Swiss Extract

"Any regulatory authority wants full traceability of your stock, especially when it comes to narcotics. Cannavigia gives you full traceability from start to finish, of all your stock, transactions and movements. So that you can rest assured that you know where everything is, and everything went."

Corné Carstens

RP, GES Labs

"Not only the Pure Group benefits from Cannavigia's sophisticated software. The whole industry receives added value. This step into a professional and traceable cannabis industry is a step in the right direction."

Stevens Senn

Founder, Pure

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