The leading European compliance software providing transparency & traceability for the cannabis supply chain.

CANNAVIGIA records and monitors the individual processes during the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis in line with GlobalGAP & GxP (Good Pharma Practices) standards.

Each lot is tracked from seed to sale and every critical movement is logged in an immutable audit trail that is timestamped onto two different blockchains.

This audit trail together with the added third-party services like lab testing, logistics, insurance, consulting and many more make the CANNAVIGIA Platform a one stop solution for your entire cannabis supply chain needs.


Using the CANNAVIGIA software platform increases the efficiency of a cannabis operation by an average of 15%.



We are working with Cannavigia since early 2020 and it makes our daily work and documentation easier. The logs are clearly arranged and the new app makes it even more convenient.

Stefan Strasser, Co-Founder & Director

Not only the Pure Group benefits from Cannavigia's sophisticated software, the whole industry receives added value. The step into a professional and traceable cannabis industry is a step in the right direction.

Stevens Senn, Founder

Cannavigia is an efficient and easy to use tool, with which you can easily reach all current standards. The software is perfectly suited for small and large companies.

Fabian von Kännel, Compliance Consultant

The integration of the Cannavigia software with the CBD test laboratory makes compliance with the SCC (Swiss Certified Cannabis Standard) intuitive, transparent and reliable.

Miguel Guttentag, Director

Cultivation module

The module for cultivation and harvesting practices is closely tied to the GACP (Good Agricultural & Collection Practices) requirements and makes it easier for the cultivator to operate efficiently and in European compliance with the rules.

The movements of all plants and work steps are inserted directly and seamlessly in the CANNAVIGIA system so that a clear production process is recorded in the form of a journal. This precise documentation of all work steps is essential for the traceability of the created products and protects not only the end consumer but also the cultivator from deliberately malicious acts.

Processing module

The module for the processing is a further step towards a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

Based on the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) the system enables efficient and transparent handling of all working steps.

This is necessary on the one hand for the legal requirements, on the other hand for consumer protection and allows the company a deeper insight into its work processes.


Logistics & Distribution module

All previously collected data is fed into the logistics and distribution module and form the basis for a completely transparent supply chain.

Based on the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) all movements are recorded and allow the company to control what happens to its products after they leave the cultivation and the processing plant.

This tool gives the company access to a global logistics network and thus to an international customer base. This part of the software can be linked to other European compliance software from overseas and can therefore be attached to existing solutions as an independent module. With automation tools such as document management, direct bookings, insurance & many more.

Marketing & Communication module

Consumers have become more informed and as a result they are more aware of the provenance of what they consume. One of the biggest benefits of implementing a transparent supply chain is that sustainably sourced products have a huge marketing advantage in today’s economy. There’s extraordinary market potential for products that can prove they come from compliant and transparent sources and as such, the supply chain itself becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Through the CANNAVIGIA platform you will get a chance to directly interact with your customers by sharing your efforts of a clean supply chain. We will provide you with a standardized and regulatory compliant labeling tool with QR codes that allow your customers to have a dynamic insight of your efforts towards a clean and compliant supply chain. You will be provided with a modular marketing tool that allows you to share the preferred data with your customers in an interactive way.


Amount of Cannabis plants that have been grown on the CANNAVIGIA platform

457'143 Plants

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