A New Level of Cannabis
Compliance & Efficiency.

Digitalise Your Processes in 4 Easy Steps with Cannavigia.

Full traceability, especially for narcotics, is a top priority for any regulatory authority. We ensure complete traceability of all your inventories and transactions. Experience complete transparency with real-time tracking of every product, every step of the supply chain.

1. Choose Modules

Select what suits best based on your individual processes and operations.

3. Implement in Production

Robust and efficient implementation in your daily production routine with QR codes. No special hardware required.

2. Create Digital Twin

Mirror your facility and manage all of your plants, products, cultivars, areas, equipment, tests, inventories and more.

4. Track & Trace

Congrats! You've completed the transformation and are now ready for full transparency & traceability.

Why Choose Cannavigia?
Your Catalyst for Cannabis Excellence

When selecting a partner to navigate the cannabis industry's complexities, choose one that blends deep sector expertise with a proven track record for delivering effective solutions and real results.


Deep Industry Expertise

We offer vast expertise in cannabis operations from a global perspective, providing insights and strategies that help businesses excel in diverse markets.


Comprehensive Support

We offer advanced software solutions, expert consulting, and a dedicated success & support team, all enhanced by a solid track record, including a government contract with the Swiss Ministry of Health.


Advanced Processes

We excel in streamlining operations, integrating compliance with broader process management to optimise every aspect of your business, backed by our experience with complex government projects.


Growth-Ready Solutions

With services designed to adapt and scale, we support your business growth globally, whether you’re expanding or just starting out.


"We are working with Cannavigia since early 2020. The software makes our daily work and documentation easier. Every log is clearly arranged and the new app makes everything even more convenient."

Stefan Strasser

CTO, Swiss Extract

"Any regulatory authority wants full traceability of your stock, especially when it comes to narcotics. Cannavigia gives you full traceability from start to finish, of all your stock, transactions and movements. So that you can rest assured that you know where everything is, and everything went."

Corné Carstens

RP, GES Labs

"Not only the Pure Group benefits from Cannavigia's sophisticated software. The whole industry receives added value. This step into a professional and traceable cannabis industry is a step in the right direction."

Stevens Senn

Founder, Pure