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With Germany's progressive steps towards cannabis legalisation, the significance of adhering to (EU-)GACP and EU-GMP standards has heightened. We emphasise our commitment in ensuring your facility operations not only meet compliance but also thrive in this evolving industry landscape. And guess what? We're heading to Barcelona for ICBC, Spannabis and more! Let's catch up and dive deep into the global cannabis scene together!

Growing Together: Exploring Cannabis Cultivation Regulations Worldwide 

Ever wondered why (EU-)GACP and EU-GMP guidelines are essential in the medicinal products realm? They're crucial for ensuring patient safety and maintaining top-tier quality, serving as the backbone of the industry. With Germany experiencing a surge in demand, compliance becomes vital to tap into the thriving EU market. It's worth noting that adherence to GACP and GMP isn't exclusive to cannabis; it's a standard practice across industries, fostering transparency and trust in production processes.

Dive deeper into the significance of these regulations and discover how they can elevate your product by exploring the full article on our website. Visit our 'Cannabis Knowledge' page for essential insights to optimise your facility operations. Don't miss the chance to stay ahead of the curve!

Connect with Us at Upcoming Events in Barcelona!

Exciting times are ahead as Cannavigia prepares to join two prominent events in the vibrant city of Barcelona. We invite you to mark your calendars and come say hello if you'll be attending:

  • C-Days – March 13th
    C-Days, the CannabisHUB reference event, offers exclusive content and networking opportunities. Timo Bongartz will participate on the panel titled "Regulated Markets for Adult Use," alongside Kitty Chopaka (Chopaka) and Steve DeAngelo. The discussion will be moderated by Guillermo Fernández (B&F Abogados).
  • ICBC Barcelona – March 14th
    International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is a premier event uniting industry leaders, policymakers, and enthusiasts to discuss cannabis trends and innovations.
  • Cannabis at IESE – March 15th
    IESE Business School's first Cannabis Education Event tackles innovation, regulation, and recruitment in the cannabis industry, fuelled by student interest. Our CCO, Timo Bongartz, alongside Dr. Gavin George (Puregene) and Dr. Christian Werz (BAG), will engage in discussions and address queries.
  • Spannabis – March 15th - 17th
    Spannabis is one of the world's largest cannabis trade shows, offering exhibitors, seminars, and networking opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts.

Both events offer fantastic opportunities to network, learn, and engage with the global cannabis community. Reach out if you'll be there – we're always thrilled to connect with familiar faces and make new connections. See you in Barcelona!

Cannavigia: Your Trusted Partner for Cannabis Management Solutions

At Cannavigia, we take pride in our commitment to empowering cultivators, processors, and dispensaries worldwide through our comprehensive cannabis management software and consulting services. With our range of expertise, we offer seamless guidance through the intricate landscape of cannabis regulations, ensuring strict compliance with pharmaceutical standards like GACP, GMP, and GDP. Partnering with Cannavigia goes beyond mere compliance – it's about unlocking your fullest potential in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.

Explore the endless possibilities with us. Follow our LinkedIn page for weekly updates on how we can help you soar to new heights!

A vigilant eye on cannabis news

  • Australia is emerging as a rapidly growing medical market, driven by regulatory changes that favour domestic producers.
  • Germany is moving closer to legalising cannabis for personal use, transitioning from licensed shops to home cultivation and nonprofit clubs, although encountering opposition within the coalition.
  • Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) in Barcelona, which have pioneered safe spaces for cannabis consumption for over two decades, are now facing increased scrutiny under a new administration, prompting concerns about overreach and potential legal action.
  • Thailand is contemplating a return to stricter regulations on cannabis, driven by worries over youth access and crime.
  • Israel's Ministry of Health has implemented new rules to streamline medical cannabis access, with further reforms expected later in the year to stimulate industry growth.