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March is buzzing with cannabis events worldwide. Elevate your cultivation skills with advanced training in Lisbon and the Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Summit in Cape Town. Sharpen your network with essential industry events. See you in Barcelona and perhaps next week in Cape Town! 

Are You Ready for Cannabis in 2024? 

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of the cannabis industry with our Global Events Calendar 2024! The next few months are packed with exciting events showcasing the latest innovations and trends, and our curated calendar is your ultimate guide.

Stay in the know by visiting our website to explore the calendar and let's share in the excitement of all that's to come in the world of cannabis. 

Unlock Your Potential in Cannabis Cultivation

Get ready to elevate your cannabis cultivation expertise at a trailblazing training event in Lisbon, brought to you by Delphy, Fluence, and Cannavigia. Designed for industry professionals seeking advanced techniques, this event covers vital topics such as plant physiology, cultivation and climate control, integrated pest management, and more. Whether you're already part of a licensed producer or transitioning from horticultural backgrounds, this expert-led training provides insights and practical skills essential for success in the evolving cannabis industry. Learn from leaders like René Corsten, Filipa Sousa Nunes, Luís Meirinhos-Soares (Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, and Senior GACP, GDP, GMP Consultant at Cannavigia), and others while gaining practical skills crucial for success in cannabis cultivation.

Secure your spot today and take your expertise to new heights! Visit here for registration and details. And stay tuned on our LinkedIn for more speaker profiles as we count down to the event. 

See You Soon, South Africa: Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Summit    

Elevate your expertise in the Cannabis industry at the Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Summit on March 22nd, 2024, in Cape Town, SA, proudly sponsored by Cannavigia. Organised by Cheeba Cannabis Academy and presented by SAAI, this event promises a day packed with presentations, panels, and networking sessions covering vital topics like Scaling Up, Integrated Pest Management, and more. With over 25 local and international speakers, including our own Customer Success Manager, Wesley Petzer, this summit is a must-attend for anyone looking to thrive in South Africa's burgeoning cannabis cultivation sector.

Register now and be part of the conversation surrounding the future of the industry. 

Other events we will be attending in Cape Town: 

  • The Cannabis Industry Summit 202419-20 March 
    Presented by the SANCAP (Southern African Network of Cannabis Professionals) Association offering practical education, professional representation, and industry research access, this summit is tailored for suppliers, licensed producers, and industry consultants. Featuring networking, showcasing, and learning opportunities covering research, education, legislation, genetics, cultivation, distribution, technology, and innovation. 
  • The Cannabis Expo22-24 March  
    A global marketplace showcasing over 100 products and features including presentations covering diverse topics, cannabis-infused food offerings, an engaging outdoor festival atmosphere, and the prestigious Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Summit
  • Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Summit22. March 
    The first of its kind in Africa, this insightful event organised by Cheeba Cannabis Academy in collaboration with the Cannabis Expo promises powerful content by incredible speakers, creating a platform for open discussion, networking, and learning. With a unique B2B component, it aims to shape the future of South Africa's cannabis cultivation industry

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