Showcasing your products has never been easier.

Our marketing module allows you to create powerful product landing pages effortlessly. By providing your customers with transparent information about your products you can build trust, loyalty and increase customer retention. Needless to say, you can add a photo and create QR codes, too.

Optimise Processes

Streamline cultivation operations for peak efficiency and product excellence.

Maintain Compliance

Ensure adherence to regulatory standards such as GACP effortlessly.

Track & Trace

Accurate real-time tracking and full traceability from seed to sale.

Analyse Plant Data

Leverage data insights for enhanced plant health.

Monitor Costs

Keep close tabs on expenses for better budgeting.

Integrate Technology

Seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge tech solutions.

The Cutting Edge of Processes

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marketing module

Enhance transparency & improve your workflow with seamless product data sharing.

You can quickly share comprehensive product specifications and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) with your clients. Strengthen transparency, instill confidence, and foster trust by providing accurate and up-to-date information about your products, ensuring your clients have a clear understanding of what they are getting.

marketing module

Build trust & foster customer loyalty.

Integrated transparency and traceability builds trust and is the basis for customer loyalty. Provide accurate product information, certifications, and test results to showcase your commitment to quality, strengthening your brand reputation and creating lasting customer relationships.

marketing module

Streamline product information access with dynamic QR codes.

Simplify product information access by comfortably creating dynamic QR codes. Embed these QR codes on your packaging, marketing materials, or product labels, allowing customers to scan and instantly access detailed product information, enhancing their overall experience and bridging the gap between offline and online channels.


"We are working with Cannavigia since early 2020. The software makes our daily work and documentation easier. Every log is clearly arranged and the new app makes everything even more convenient."

Stefan Strasser

CTO, Swiss Extract

"Any regulatory authority wants full traceability of your stock, especially when it comes to narcotics. Cannavigia gives you full traceability from start to finish, of all your stock, transactions and movements. So that you can rest assured that you know where everything is, and everything went."

Corné Carstens

RP, GES Labs

"Not only the Pure Group benefits from Cannavigia's sophisticated software. The whole industry receives added value. This step into a professional and traceable cannabis industry is a step in the right direction."

Stevens Senn

Founder, Pure